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Sarasota Spine and Sports Performance, Hey Dr Rob

After selling his very successful practice in Kansas, Dr. Jones moved to Sarasota, Florida in 2022. In January 2023 Dr. Jones opened Sarasota Spine and Sports Performance.


Although Dr. Jones was educated as a chiropractor, he has spent the last 23 years educating himself and developing a skill set that has broadened his scope of practice to treat a wide variety of patients from professional basketball, baseball and football players, Major Champion golfers, NCAA Champions, Olympic athletes, high school athletes, weekend warriors and of course individuals from every walk of life from stay at home parents, police officers, office workers, trades people and fire-fighters.  His skill-set focuses not just on chiropractic adjustments but soft tissue treatments such as ART (Active Release Techniques). His first certification was in 2000, making him the most experienced provider of ART in the Sarasota area.  Other certifications include the most advanced rehab protocols such as DNS (Dynamic Neurolmuscular Stabilization), McGill pain and rehab protocols as well as The McKenzie Method.  His knowledge and love for strength and conditioning as well as functional athletics has helped Dr. Jones work and consult with some of the best strength and conditioning coaches in the country.

Dr. Jones also consults with several corporations for injury prevention, exercise implementation, worker’s comp and safety training.

When not practicing Dr. Jones can be found doing what he loves to do: being active with his family, weight and fitness training, stand-up paddle surfing, playing tennis, volleyball, hiking and biking.  


Sarasota Spine and Sports Performance, Hey Dr Rob Protect Your Back 101

Dr. Rob's current practice focus is on relieving his patient’s pain via chiropractic adjustments, ART, stretching and functional movement and rehab to improve their function and fix their injuries with a personally tailored rehab and exercise program to ensure no injury recurrence.  Dr. Jones is trained in the latest exercise techniques to ensure proper injury free fitness, proper daily movement, proper ergonomic/office movement and set-up all with the intention of giving his patients the means to help themselves and not have to depend on him.


To further help his patients, Dr. Jones’ lower back pain self-care and core training book PROTECT YOUR BACK 101 is available for sale in paper-back form at his office, on his web-site or on  Dr. Jones’ web-site is also a resource available to all patients and the general public to find further lower back care and core education resources such as the e-book version of his book PROTECT YOUR BACK 101, his video-based exercise app PROTECT YOUR BACK (available for Apple and Android) as well as his blog and YouTube channel. 



  • B.S. in Kinesiology and Exercise Physiology • York University • Toronto, Canada

Canada’s only program in Chiropractic education.  The evidence-based school is a rigorous four-year doctoral program that involves intense academic courses.

  • Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College • Toronto, Canada

Dr. Jones’ undergraduate studies focused on human science related course work such as:  bio-mechanics and human kinetics, human anatomy, exercise physiology, nutrition, fitness assessment and training and athletic injuries. 

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